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Nationalities of victims of United Nations vehicle’s attack in Garowe

Storyline:National News

The IED (improvised explosive device) attack occurred when the staff were travelling from their guest house to the office, normally a three minute drive according to UNICEF statement.
The attack left seven died and seven others wounded both foreigners and Somalis who were all UN employees.
The bomb was apparently planted under a seat and was detonated by remote control accoding to police official in Puntald State.
Staff were from a range of countries and their nationalities are as follows.
Those killed
1-Stephen Adero from Kenya.
2- Brenda Kyeyune from Uganda.
3-Woki Munyui from Kenya.
4- Payenda Gul from Afghanistan.
5- Two Somali soldiers
6- Unrecognized person
Those injured
1. A Person from Ghana
2. Two Kenyans
3. A Person from sierra lione
4. three of Puntland soldiers
5. a civilian
The semi-autonomous regional State of Puntland has appointed committee comprising ministers and some other officials assigned to probe the incident.

Al-Shabab claimed the responsibility of the heinous attack in Garowe, the capital administrativeAl-Shabab military operations spokesman Abulaziz Abu Mus’ab told Al Jazeera that his group was behind the attack.
“We carried out the attack in Garowe. We targeted our enemy the UN. We killed and injured many in the attack”.