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New bill to regulate medical practice and training in Somalia

Storyline:National News
Fowziyo Abiikar Nuur said the health bill will streamline medical practice and training in the country. File Photo: Courtesy

Medical practice and training of medical staff will soon be subjected to government regulation thanks to the new health bill which was tabled in parliament last week.

The bill which proposes the formation of a national medical regulatory body will seek to regulate training of medical staff in universities and colleges, licensing of various medical practitioners among them doctors and pharmacists.

Health Minister  Fowziyo Abiikar Nuur said Sunday the bill will be crucial in instituting much awaited regulations in the industry which she notes is open to anyone who has the means. “In the world, it is only in Somalia where an 8 year old child runs a pharmacy and a 6 year old is a client. We are aware of expired medicine imported through the port and in the same time during the night, a new sticker is put on them. One can be alert from weapons but not a medicine dealer. The only way is to be alert is through laws,” the minister said.

The national regulatory body will also create a curriculum for training of medical practitioners in addition to licensing training centres in the country. Every two years, the bill reads, medical training centres will be subjected to review to ensure they meet the standards in terms of equipment and training.

Parliament will be debating the bill this week.