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New illegal checkpoints mushroom along Mogadishu-Baidao highway

Storyline:National News

Public transport drivers are complaining of new illegal checkpoints mounted by government soldiers between Mogadishu and Baidao in which they ask for money.

One driver was so frustrated that he said he had to stop operation “I am driving a NOAHA with the capacity of 8 passengers, and every few kilometers they demand Shs120 ($6) , then what is left for me, the other day they opened fire on another passenger car breaking the driver’s legs, this is done by soldiers who demand unreasonable money” said the driver.

They called on the federal government and South West State to take actions against the soldiers.

On 10th September, president of South West State Sharif Hassan appeared to be condoning the illegal checkpoints by saying “a hungry soldier with a gun can do everything”, he was addressing a gathering in Afgoi where federal president was in attendance.

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