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New minister for information takes ministry’s office

Storyline:National News

A colourful handing over ceremony for ministry for information has taken place at ministry’s headquarter in Mogadishu on Wednesday.
The ceremony was attended by the prime minister of federal government of Somalia, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke, ministers, departmental directors, the other government officials.
The former minister for information Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow has officially handed over the ministry’s office to the new minister Mohamed Abdi Mareye.
Mr. Dhuhulow has pledged that he will cooperate with new the new minister and urged the staffs of the ministry to work with the minister.

Mareye for his side commended the former minister for his commitments and tireless works he done during his time office and promised that he follow his (former minister) footmarks to fulfil the visions of the ministry.
Speaking at the ceremony, prime minister praised the former minsters who left the ministries better than they found and commended the new ministers to come clear scheme of work and push the towards development and prosperity.