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New Political Party Announced Today In Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

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A new political party was announced today in Mogadishu with the name of Daljir in a ceremony that was attended by members of the party, leading individuals in Mogadishu, professionals, civil society groups and members from the business community.

The secretary general of the new party Hasan Haji told the meeting that more than 150 party members who came from across Somali regions met in Mogadishu between 26th -28th of last month and approved the constitution of the party and elected party’s leaders.

The General Secretary also mentioned that the party members elected Mr Hasan Moalin Mohamud who is also a member of Somalia parliament as new chairman of Daljir Party.

In his speech, the party’s chairman Hasan Moalin said that establishment of Daljir Party is the culmination of several years of political dialogue and social discussions undertaken to ensure identification and understanding of Somalia’s full range of concerns.

Mr. Hasan giving an interview to Goobjoog FM said that his first operations will start from Mogadishu, the capital but will swiftly advance to regions of the country by opening affiliate offices in major cities of Somalia.

The Chairman reiterated that the time of tribalism and regionalism has ended and a new chapter of political parties is ushered in to allow citizens express their views freely adding that the party is open for Somali citizen to join.

In conclusion of his speech, Hasan Moalin appealed to the people to support the newly established Daljir party for progress and prosperity of the country and the nation.