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Newly Elected Galmudug Parliament Speaker Says Open to Talks with Ahlu Sunna

Storyline:National News

ali-Gacal-Casir-280x175In his first comments since his resounding victory yester, the newly elected speaker of Galmudug parliament Hon. Ali Ga’al Asir has said he is willing to talk to Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaah, the religious armed group who this month seized the control of Dhusameb town and has since organized a parallel state formation conference.

When asked about where the seat of the parliament would be at the time when the designated capital is in the hands of rival administration, Mr. Ali said that they would always abide by the people’s will.

“We are brothers and sisters, we would open talks with Ahlu Sunna, and a wish a peaceful solution for the situation” said the speaker.

Ahlu Sunna has set up technical committee for the state formation conference in Dhusamareb yesterday, and is gearing to speed up things to get the intended result.

According to political analysis, chances are that there would be parallel states and parliament claiming to represent the same territory. Adado conference is so far recognized by the international community and the Somali government.

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