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Newly recruited Journalists Graduate from Somali Media Academy + Pictures

Storyline:National News

IMG_9955More than 120 new media professionals have graduated on Monday from the prestigious Somali Media Academy in Mogadishu, adding a new crop of ambitious journalists in the ever growing media industry.

The graduation ceremony was attended by dignitaries across sectors, including media experts, MPs, Trade Unions, University Rectors and Civil Society.

They included MP Ahmed Abbi, General Jama Mohamed Galib Former Police Commissioner, Prof. Yahye Ibrahim of SIU University , Abdirahim Isse Adow of State Broadcaster Radio Mogadishu, Fatumo Abdulahi of InterNews and others.

The new graduates were trained with topics like news gathering, sound bites, radio journalisms, investigative journalism and most importantly, media ethics.

Speakers at the ceremony were united in calling for the employment of the new recruits as this will reduce the youth unemployment in the country. Fadumo Abdullahi, the head of programs for InterNews, a media support agency, has particularly noted the need for female journalists who are fully employed.

On his side, General Jama Mohamed Galib , who is also a distinguished author and university lecturer called upon the new recruits to uphold the culture of promoting the Somali language, he believes that the media is the best tool to preserve what he called the already eroding language.

MP Ahmed Abbi, who is the deputy chair of parliament portfolio for social affairs, said “Somalia is a post war country, that means it’s like a giant standing on mosquito feet, and if you shake it, chances are that it will collapse, so that I would like to appeal to the journalists to focus their reporting on positive issues, rather than obsessing themselves with negative reporting”.

Also Abdirahman Isse Addow of Radio Muqdisho reminded the private media and journalists that the Somali government belongs to all citizens of this nation, and that they should help achieve its goals of lasting peace and prosperity.

The new recruits who were in a jubilant mood lined up to receive their certificates from the dignitaries who were standing on the podium.

Somali Media Academy is one of the finest media training institutions in Somalia; it focuses on training working journalists and new ones with the best possible journalism knowledge.

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