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News update: Bomb explosion kills 2 and injured others in the outskirt of Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

More news is coming to light in regarding the explosion that took place in Eelasha Biyaha location situated in the outskirt of Mogadishu city.

The explosion was a device hidden in the earth believed to be a landmine and caused many casualties.

The explosion caught a public transport vehicle known as Homey ferrying passengers to Afgoi town in the Lower Shabelle

Two people have been confirmed dead and many others were injured according to a local resident who spoke to Goobjoog News.

“This explosion was powerful and caught a PL [local transport vehicle]. Two people died and the injured are around five others” said the eyewitness.

Federal security officers reached the area of the incident that carried out security search though no suspects were arrested.