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NGO umbrella condemns Aisha’s rape and murder, calls for justice

Storyline:National News

An umbrella of non-governmental organisations in Somalia has condemned the rape and brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl in Galkaayo and demanded the perpetrators of the heinous act be brought to book.

The Somalai NGO Consortium which is a a voluntary coordination mechanism of NGOs operating in Somalia said Sunday in a joint statement said the rape and murder of 12 year old Aisha Ilyas Aden amounted to ‘an atrocious act of violence’ and urged the newly elected president of Puntland to take stand action against the offenders.

“This dreadful act is a reminder of the risks women and girls face in Somalia every day. if perpetrators go unpunished, these incidents will continue unabated,” says Nasra Ismail, Acting Director of Somalia NGO consortium. “No woman or girl should suffer this kind of violence. We owe to the women and girls of Somalia to ensure they are protected and when their rights and dignity are violated, they get swift and complete justice.”

The body of the 12 year old girl was found near her a home a day after her mother had sent her to nearby shop last month. An autopsy report indicated she had been raped and then strangled. Four men have so far been arrested in relation to the offense.

In the statement Sunday, Somalia NGO Consortium warned that cases of sexual violence in Puntland were still on the rise despite the enactment of the Sexual Offense Law in 2016.

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Mohamed Mohamoud the interim country director of Save the Children called for concerted efforts to stem acts of violence especially against children in the country.

“We have failed Somali children and it is time to take action. We must work together  to ensure no other  child  experience  this  sort  of  inhumane  violence,  said  Mohamoud.

Meanwhile a court in Garowe today sentenced to death five men who were found guilty of raping and murdering a 16 year girl last month in the same town of Galkaayo. The court established the five defendants, two of them aged 18 and 19 were responsible for gang raping the teenage girl in Galkaayo last month and subsequently murdering her.

Today’s statement by the Somalia NGO Consortium adds to the growing voices for justice for Aisha. The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Thursday condemned the rape and murder of the school girl and called for justice.