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NGOs Divert Food Aid, Delivers Sacks of Soil to IDPs

Storyline:National News

gargaarInternally displaced person in Jowle Camp, Garowe, Puntland has told Goobjoog of bizarre scam by local NGOs, whereby they diverted food aid and in return delivered sacks of soil to get pictures.

An elderly woman called Mrs. Hawo who is among hundreds of the IDPs in the camp has told our correspondent that the officials from the local NGO would come to camp with loads of sacks full of soil, and then they would require them to pose pictures so as to obtain prove of delivery to be shown to the donors.

The residents of the camp said they only survive on working as cheap labourers in the city and some handmade commodities they sell to the city population.

To their disbelieve, they had to witness distribution of the food aid intended for them to other well to do families in the city.

Food aid diversion is a widespread practice in the country and IDPs often complain of misappropriation of aid by NGOs, local government officials and even camp leaders.

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