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NISA Claims Responsibility of Airstrikes on Alshabab Base in Bardhere

Storyline:National News

DroneFor the first time the Somalia National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA has claimed responsibility of airstrikes on Alshabab military bases in Bardhare, Gedo. This signal a rare air capability by Somali government.

In a twitter message NISA has said that it has killed top Alshabab operative in a training camp by the name Yussuf Haji, and the air operation was a direct response to yesterday’s suicide attack by Alshabab on NISA facility in Mogadishu.

However NISA has not explaining on how this was possible for them, given the fact that government does not possess air ability.

But on March 7 , 2015 Spokesman for Iternal Security Ministry Mohamed Yussuf has told the media that Somali security forces is in the process of acquiring drones to strike Alshabab bases located outside their reach. He said that friendly government would donate the drones to Somalia without naming them.

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