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NISA seizes huge cache of illegal weapons in Adado

Storyline:National News

Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) in Adado town yesterday captured a SURF car loaded with huge weapons.

The forces intercepted the vehicle carrying the illegal weapons in the outskirts of Adado town , the administrative town of the Galmudug State.

NISA forces acting on a tip-off managed to intercept the weapons on a private car which is believed was ferrying the arms to Dhumoodle village located some 25 kilometres north of Adado town.

NISA officer said that the weapons belonged to Ahlu-Sunna waljamaa fighters who engaged several deadly clashes with Somali National Army in Galduud region.

“The main objective of NISA is to expel any security terrorizing elements from these areas as well as whole Somalia” said the officer.

Galmudug State forces are supported by government forces, SNA citing Abdikarim Hussein Guled is an ally of Somalia’s president.