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No funds for Hirshabelle’s presidential election exercise says state election committee

Storyline:National News, Politics

The state presidential election committee of Hirshabele state is in dire need for funds to carry out election activities in the state that is expected to take place on the 12th September, 2017 in Jowhar town.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the state deputy electoral committee MP Abukar Hassan Ali described their economic status as well as their activities to execute the election. “We have submitted our election budget need to the federal interior ministry as well as the UN for funds or technical support but up to now we have not received anything.”

The electoral committee has been fully engaged to ensure the smooth running of the election process. “We have been very busy for these past days especially in the preparation on how the election will take place, the election hall venue, the certificates and all other affiliated issues with the election. Everything is in their final stages” said MP Ali.

Several state presidential aspirants have been contacting the state election committee though it is now official that only 3 candidates have so far registered for the position.

“We have not encountered even with a single challenge in our operations and the election will take place on its due date. No delay will be entertained.”

Officials from the federal interior ministry are expected to be among the election observers during the state presidential election. Already other officials from the federal independent electoral commission are on the ground to provide proper technical guidance and to act as local observers too.

Yesterday the International Community responded to earlier pronouncements by former deposed HirShabelle state president Abdullahi Osoble pushing for the formation of Hiran state claiming that he was thrown out of Jowhar by top leaders of the federal government. The UN and other international partners in Somalia has in a statement cautioned against such a move.

“While noting that Mr. Osoble disagreed with the impeachment process, Somalia’s international partners urge all parties to continue the efforts to address this important matter through the established constitutional and legal means and to refrain from any actions that could undermine the consolidation of the state building process,” the IC said.

Osoble was impeached and dethroned last month through a no confidence motion by HirShabelle state assembly in Jowhar vehemently and later announced he was moving to Beletweyne to push for the formation of Hiran state.

On the other hand, the federal High Court has released a court order to free some people who are allegedly detained in Jowhar,  Hirshabelle state capital without proper procedure of  the law.

On a visit to Jowhar town, the deputy High Court chairperson Dr. Mohamed Mohamud paid an official tour to the state police station where he cited the illegality under the law to remand individuals in police cells without arraigning them in a court of law if cases are brought against them.

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