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No retreat, President Mohamud tells Parliament, urges more support in war against terrorism

Storyline:National News, Security

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has reiterated his commitment to winning the war against the militant group khawarij noting his government will not relent and also urged parliament to shore up support for the war effort.

Addressing a joint session of the Federal Parliament on Tuesday for the second time since he came into office, the President sounded upbeat but warned that Khawarij would retaliate. The President said joint efforts between the SomalinNational Army and civilians had resulted in successes in Hiiraan, Galgadud and Middle Shabelle regions.

“I have no doubt that since we are at war and the enemy has suffered a major defeat, they will target the innocent people, like the attack they carried out on 29 October in Zoobe,” the President said. Over 100 people were killed during the October twin bombings in Mogadishu, the deadliest bombing attack since the October 14, 2017 truck bombing that claimed about 600 lives.

President Mohamud told parliament to enact legislations that would support the fight against terrorism in the country noting the country was already in a war trajectory that had no options for a return.

“Today, our country and our people are at a point of no return, where there is no room for failure,” the President told the legislators adding, “I have found no other way to defend our honor, our Islam and our nation.”

A joint effort between civilians and SNA started in July and has since resulted in the recapture of several villages in central Somalia. The government has indicated that over 400 khawarij militants have been killed since then.

However, the militant group has also mounted deadly retaliatory attacks in Mogadishu and Beletweyne claiming several dozens of lives.