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Nominated Ministers and Their Clans

Storyline:National News

Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid has named 20 new crop ministers last night, here we publish their names along with their clans.

There are 4 major clans and half in the Somali power sharing system, they are Dir, Darod, Digil & Mirifle , Hawiye and Others (0.5)


  1. Mohamed Omar Arte : Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Labor, Youth and Sports ( Dir, Isak, Habar Awal)
  2. Ahmed Hassan Gabobe : Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs ( Dir , Biyomaal)
  3. Abdisalan Hadliye Omar : Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Dir, Godabiirse)
  4. Noor Farah Hersi : Minister For Constitutional Affairs ( Dir, Isak, Habar-Yonis)


  1. Hassan Ahmed Modey : Minister for Commence and Industry ( Jarer Weyn)
  2. Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar : Minister for Women and Human Rights ( Tumal)
  3. Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir : Minister for Ports and Marine Transport ( (Rer Aw Hassan)
  4. Saed Hussein Eid : Minister for Livestock, and Pasture ( Meheri, Arab Salah)


  1. Abdirahman Mohamed Husen : Minister for Interior and Federal Affairs (Habar Gidir)
  2. Abdirahman Yusuf Hussein Aynte : Minister of Planning and International Cooperation ( Murusade)
  3. Mohamed Moktar Ibrahim : Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources ( Gal Je’el)
  4. Abdirizak Omar Mohamed : Minister of Petroleum, Water and Natural Resources ( Hawadle)

Digil and Mirifle

  1. Mohamed Adan Ibrahim (Fargeti) : Finance Minister (Rahanweyn, Disow)
  2. Ali Hassan Osman : Minister for Agriculture (Rahan Weyn)
  3. Hawo Hassan Mohamed : Health Minister (Rahanweyn, Hadamo)
  4. Salah Sheikh Osman Mose : Minister of Public Works and Resettlement ( Digil, Gelledi)


  1. Abdikadir Sheik Ali Dini : Defense Minister ( Marehan)
  2. Guled Hussein Kasim : Information and Telecommunication Minister ( Ogaden)
  3. Ali Ahmed Jama (Jangali) : Minister for Air Transport And Aviation (Dhulbahante)
  4. Khadra Bashir Ali : Education Minister (Lelcase)

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