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Number of People Arrested in B/Weyn Town in Central Somalia

Storyline:National News

Beledweyne security forces in central Somalia have conducted an operation last night and arrested several suspected people for a killing a member of the delegates elected the members of the parliament.

Yussuf Arab Nuur one of the officials of the security forces in Baldwyen said they have arrested seven suspected people for the killings of Abdi gaaren one of the delegates’ members who elected the members of parliament in the last election.

Arab pointed out that the seven suspected people are under real investigations.

Garen in addition to the delegates elected the members of Parliament, he was also a well-known businessman in Beledweyn town.

The killings of the members of delegates who elected the members of the House of Representative of the Somali Federal Parliament has taken place in different towns in the country since the election.

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