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NUSOJ condemns arrest of Goobjoog journo, calls for unconditional release

Storyline:National News

The National Union of Journalists (NUSOJ) has condemned the arrest of Goobjoog journalist Abdiaziz Gurbiye and called for his unconditional release.

NUSOJ said in a statement Gurbiye’s arrest was unacceptable and in violation of his right to free expression.

“We are very concerned by the arrest of journalist Abdiasis Ahmed Gurbiye. Detaining and prosecuting a journalist or a dissident for exercising his right to free expression under the old and outdated criminal law is very deplorable act,” NUSOJ Secretary General Omar Osman said.

Osman said the’ Criminalisation of freedom of expression is totally unacceptable, remains incompatible with the constitution of Somalia and needs to stop it forthwith.’

Gurbiye was arrested Tuesday after being summoned for interrogation. According to NUSOJ, The office of the Attorney General obtained arrest warrants against Gurbiye from Banaadir Regional Court with the intent of charging him for ‘defamation’ and ‘false information’ on his Facebook account.

Noting that defamation was a civil matter, NUSOJ said such issues should be handled as civil cases and not criminal adding Somalia was relying on ‘draconian and archaic laws’ which criminalise expression of dissent.

“Given the criminal nature of this case and the fact that archaic legal provisions used are incompatible with the constitution of Somalia, NUSOJ urges the Attorney General’s Office to drop the criminal; case against Abdiasis Ahmed Gurbiye and appeals to the regional court to order his immediate and unconditional release,” said NUSOJ.
Goobjoog News has learnt Gurbiye will appear before Banaadir Regional Court Wednesday.