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OCTOBER REPORT: Puntland speaker quits office, State bans VOA Somali in the state

Storyline:National News

October 10, 2015: Somali federal government Police chief Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud arrives at the administrative capital of semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland.

October 12, 2015: Rain-Seeking Prayers were performed by a large number of people in all parts of Semi-autonomous regional of Puntland.

In Garowe, Puntland Minister for agriculture accompanied by the ministry’s directors attend rain seeking prayers with the public to seek the mercy of Allah following prolonged drought.

October 16, 2015: A man stabbed to death after he engaged quarrel with another over water disputes in the outskirt of Qardho town in Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland.

The deceased was stabbed after he got into a brawl with his neighbor, which prompted the accused to use to knife and the stabbed the deceased several times.

October 19, 2015: Puntland detains members of Somaliland election commission.

The arrested officials include Sanaag regional chairman of commission Ahmed Ali Bixhi and council members.

They were arrested at Yube lacaction 30km northern Badhan while travelling in convey.

October 28, 2015: Puntland parliament speaker Saeed Hassan Shire resigns from post after political fallout embarked between the speaker and members of the house.

October 28, 2015: Puntland military court acquits 8 Al-Shabab suspects after no sufficient evidence was found in connection to terror attacks in Semi-Autonomous regional state of Puntland.

The chairman of Bari martial court, Abdifatah Hajji Adan declares that the court released 8 persons after they were found not guilty.

The acquitted officers were.

1-Nunow Mohamed madnoor.
2-Mohamed mohamud Hassan.
3- Ali Noor Moalim.
4-Bashir Abdi Dirir.
5-Ahmed Yasiin Hirsi.
6-Kayse Mohamed Abdullahi FaraH.
7- Bashiir Saeed Muse.
8- Abdirahmaan Dahir Ahmed

October 29, 2015: The administration of Puntland banns the American Broadcaster, VOA and all local affiliates from broadcasting in the state with effect from this day.

In a statement to the media information minister for Puntland Mohamud Hasan says all broadcasts and rebroadcasts of Voice of America Somali Service must cease forthwith failure to which the police will take necessary action.