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ODM demands withdrawal of Kenyan troops from Somalia

Storyline:National News

ODM--Mandera Quarry attack

Kenyan opposition party ODM ordered the government to withdraw Kenyan defense forces (KDF) from Somalia and establish the achievement reached sofar.

“We call on Chief General Staff Julius Karangi to take responsibility for the failure of the military to protect Kenyans from external attacks,” ODM said in a statement.

The opposition also called President Uhuru Kenyatta to exercise his leadership in order to deal with the increasing rise of security threat in the country.

The statement also read that the national government has lost effective control of more than half of the country leading to the killing of both civilians and security officers.

“We express our disappointments in the strongest possible terms that the jubilee regime continues to handle matters of national security in a manner that is disjointed, cavalier, and haphazard and with little apparent consideration for the lives and property of the Kenyan people,” the statement read.

Finally ODM underlined the need for all leaders to guard against the division of the people along religious lines.

At least 36 people were killed by gunmen on Monday night in a quarry attack in Koromey, 15 km from Mandera district.