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Officials in Galgadud appeal for humanitarian support as drought displaces families

Storyline:National News, World

Galgadud regional commissioner Mohamed Ali Ilmi has called for increased humanitarian support in the region warning many families are in dire conditions as many others have been forced to move to Puntland for help.

Ilmi said the prolonged drought had caused untold suffering to the people of Galgadud and is now worsening with the high currency inflation rates occasioned by fake notes circulation in the area.

“The current drought in Galgadud is well known and does not need much clarification. Now it’s compounded with currency inflation that is worsening the situation” said commissioner Ilmi.

The commissioner said the continued lack of rainfall had decimated livestock and subjected residents to acute food and water shortage.

“People went to Puntland and far places to get good pastures and the extent of the problem due to the drought is something that cannot be estimated. As a local authority, we have appealed for help several times to the federal government and the world for assistance,” he said.

On a similar note, an official in Gadoon location in Galgadud has appealed for urgent humanitarian support noting that several families are facing starvation and severe water shortage.

“Gadoon location has similar fate with the rest of Galmudug region where the least rainfall in the country is reported from this region. This is a natural disaster and we expect Allah to ease the situation. Now the drought has extensive negative effect on the people” Abdi Yusuf Ahmed an administrator in Gadoon said.

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