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One civilian dies after Al-Shabab stage attack on SNA and AMISOM bases in Bardhere

Storyline:National News

At least one died and two others injured by stray bullets after Suspected Al-Shabab fighters attacked Military bases of allied forces in the outskirt Bardhere town.

Hours of fighting has erupted after the fighters using different routes stormed at SNA and AMISOM military bases though the casualties on the allied forces are yet to confirm.

One if the residents in Bardhere has told Goobjoog news that government soldiers have managed to drove away the fighters back but one civilians has been killed and other wounded after they were struck by stray bullets.

In Somalia’s most street skirmishes normally cause heavy casualties on civilians.

Al-Shabab fighters who want to topple internationally recognized Somali government, have sped up their attacks on SNA and AMISOM military bases in different parts of the country.