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One killed and two others injured in drive-by shooting in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

A woman was killed and two others have been injured in drive by shooting by two motorbike-riding assailants in Dharkeynley district, local government spokesman said Sunday.

Banaadir region spokesman Abdifitah Halane said Fauzia Jamal Hassan and Shankaron Jamal Hassan, both sisters were travelling in an auto rickshaw when they were sprayed with bullets by unknown assailants who had allegedly been trailing them.

Fauzia Jamal Hassan who was killed in the attack has left behind three children.

Halane said the two who were said to be sisters were students though other reports indicate they were working with an non governmental organisation in the city.

A local resident who spoke to Goobjoog News said the attack happened outside Taqwa mosque in Dharkeynley district.

“Two unknown people on a motorbike attacked two women traveling in an auto rickshaw. One of the women passed away on the spot and the other one and the driver were injured,” said a witness who sought anonymity.

The security forces reached the scene and launched operation to pursue the perpetrators though no arrests have been made so far.

For the last two months Mogadishu has seen a string of drive by shootings that has claimed lives of over ten people. The latest attack happened earlier this month when a federal member of parliament identified as Mohamed Ali Dahiye was injured and two of his staff including a driver and bodyguard killed in a drive by shooting incident in El-Gaabta junction, Hamarwyene district in Mogadishu.