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One person died, other escape death after a hole collapses on them

Storyline:National News

One person died today and many others escaped death after a wall on a sandhole they were working in collapsed on them in Karaan district in Banadir region.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the head of Constructions Corporative of Banadir Mohamed Hussein Abkow cited survival of many workers in the sand hole accident in Keysaney location in Karaan district.

“The pit hole collapsed on several people but they survived except one person. The hole was very deep and it’s dug using hands” said Abkow.

The demised worker was known to be called Farah Hassan aged 30years and the hole is said to be deep down where they normally collect sand for building.

On the other hand, the commissioner of Karan district Mohamed Hussein appealed to the Federal Government of Somalia to assist tools with pit holes workers to lessen the danger of accidents.

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