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One police officer killed in suspected Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya’s Mandera region

Storyline:National News, Security
Photo: Courtesy

One police officer was killed Thursday morning in Kenya’s north eastern town of Mandera following a suspected A-Shabaab attack on two police stations, local media reports.

The attackers which are estimated to be around 50 raided two police stations at 2am local time in Lafey area killing one officer before taking off with a police vehicle.

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh told the media the attackers also damaged the station and that a reinforcements had been sent to assess the situation.

“The militia stole one car after causing damage at the station but response teams are pursuing them. The place is remote and far,” he said.

Three police vehicles were burnt down in the raid the police said adding three of the attackers were also killed but the militants took away the bodies, other reports indicate.

The attack comes barely five days before Kenya heads to the general elections and authorities in the north eastern regions which have been prone to Al-Shabaab attacks have raised fears before the militants might seek to interfere with the exercise.

A dawn to dusk curfew is still ongoing in major towns including Mandera, Fino, Lafey and Arabia.