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One vote, one person in 2020 is a foreseeable reality says National Election Committee

Storyline:National News, World

The chairperson of the National Election Committee Halima Yarey said they are utilizing great efforts as an organization in order to make sure free and fair elections are held in the year 2020.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Halima insinuated their body has no fear of any postponement of the elections date for one vote one person that was organized last year in the country.

Currently the chairperson of the National Election Committee is in Nairobi where she took part in an educational seminar organized for the Somali election committee and attended by other officials from the Arab League and the United Nations.

“We participated in a training seminar on how to deal with political parties, recording of elections cases, supervision and allocation of funds” said Halima.

In response to the alleged feelings that Somali citizens are not fully convinced that public general elections will take place in the year 2020, the chairlady commented “as an electoral body, we on the right path and ready. As the National Election Committee, we categorically inform the Somali public that elections will happen in the year 2020” added the chairperson.

The electoral body will pass soon further reports to the Somali Federal Parliament relating to their work and operation schemes according to the chairperson.


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