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Operations to regain lost towns by Mahaday authority

Storyline:National News

The local administration of Mahaday town in Middle Shabelle is planning operations on how to recapture towns under the control of Alshabab fighters.

This move follows fighting in the area by government forces and Alshabab fighters where the former is claiming to have gained the upper hand.

Speaking to Goobjoog News the Commissioner of Mahaday Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan cited that some locations have already being retaken by the government though there are others which are still controlled by Alshabab fighters.

“We have attacked the bases of Alshabab which were near a water borehole and we really weakened their power. They are now scattered and few has remained” said Commissioner Abdullahi.

For almost five days there was a continuous battle between government forces and Alshabab fighters in Mahaday and Ali Fondeere locations situated in Middle Shabelle region.

The local administration is currently engaged on offensive military strategies to retake all localities under the power of Alshabab fighters.