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Opposition political parties join to form one party & one candidate in 2021 Somali election.

Storyline:National News

The opposition parties held a conference in Turkey on Wednesday night; the officials of the national forum have finally decided to hold one-party and to have one candidate in the 2021 elections.

The parties attended the meeting and reached an agreement were: UDP party headed by Hassan Sheikh, Himilo party Sheikh Sharif, Kulan party Mohamed Siiri, Horsocod party Sharif and Abdiweli Gas, Ileys party Abdikadir Osoble and Nabadda led by Mohamed Abdi Gandhi.

These political parties have extended their electoral status during five days conference in turkey as they stand firm and stated in holding the 2020 elections and will never be in doubt.

The parties have joined determine to unite and form one leadership in their political views and strategies for the 2020/2021 elections.

Finally, about 12 committee members have been elected who will work to relocate one party from all parties and general union affair.

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