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Osoble’s claims baseless, elections on course-HirShabelle assembly speaker

Storyline:National News

HirShabelle state assembly speaker Osman Bare Mohamed has dismissed claims by former president Abdullahi Osoble that he is still president but noted he is free to contest for the seat in the upcoming elections.

In an interview with Goobjoog News, Mohamed said the electoral committee will commence to organize for the elections adding that the state did not have a president at the moment contrary to Osoble’s claims.

“As a former president, we have respect for Osoble but he has no authority that we know of. He can present himself as a presidential candidate if he wants but we inform you that it is not possible for him to claim to be working from an area as a president” added Mohamed said.

Mohamed asserted the elections will be conducted the soonest time possible a day after the nine member committee was appointed.

“Election will take place in due date and we are ready to honour the time.  We have the responsibility to ensure the elections takes place without any delay,” said Mohamed.

Osoble had on Tuesday said he was moving his office to Beletweyne accusing the federal government of being behind his ouster.