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Our Borders Will be As Far As Guri-El and Godinlabe, Says Puntland’s leader

Storyline:National News

The president of Semi-Autonomous regional state of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, addressing the public in Garowe on country’s 55th Independence Day.

The leader emphasized his hash opinion on Adado state formation conference and blamed the federal government of Somalia.

He said that Puntland will not tolerate on what he term blatantly aggressive from top leaders of Somali government.

“What is going on in Adado town is not the right thing, because of the claims of territory which has got nothing to do with the soon-to-be formed, Puntland makes clear that it is not ready somali to be division but we shall not accept claims about our territories” he said.

He added that when it comes Puntland’s border, it will not be Nugal but Godinlabe and Guri-El.

Finally, the regional leader underlined that Puntland will reach its own decision if Somali government continues what it involves now.

Puntland presidency also issued a press statement in which it pointed fingers at some international community representatives who allegedly embroiled themselves in national politics at the expense of existing federal states.

On Sunday, hundreds of Garowe residents staged anti-federal government demonstration, criticizing Federal Government of Somalia’s federalism policy.