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Our first priority is security of our state, says Galmudug president

Storyline:National News

abdikarinGalmudug newly elected president Abdikarin Hussein Guleed said his administration will give the first priorities to the security of the state and integration of clan militias in Galmudug state.

Speaking to the public in Galinsoor locality, the president said “among our priorities is the security and the integration of clan militias as to get a cohesive regional force.” He also said they will soon start a reconciliation conference for the clans engaged in gun battle in Mudug and Galgaduud regions.

On 4th July, Gal-Mudug state Parliamentarians elected Abdikarim Hussein Guled as president but the the new leader is facing many challenges including Ahlu-Sunna and Puntland which declared that they will not recognize him as regional president.

Speaking to the media in Garowe, Puntland’s Minister of Information, Mohamed Hassan Soo’ade said that the election of Galmudug state’s head in Adaado was equally a sham process and as a result Puntland would also not recognize the newly elected head of Galmudug State Abdikarim Hussein Guled.

His remarks follow pledge by the newly elected head of state of Galmudug who said that his administration would open talks with Puntland and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a in order to resolve any differences. “Puntland is government and can only go into negotiations or talks with another government and not individuals. Since we do not recognize him or his state, how can he open talks with us,” posed the minister of information.

Meanwhile Ahlu-Sunna which took control of Dhusa-Mareeb town, the administrative capital of Galmudug state in June this year when the state formation conference was on going in Adado announced it had nominated its own president for areas under its rule.

On 10th this month, Ahlu-Sunna Waljamaa, declared that its delegates would vacate the conference within 24 hours.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Gurre, who was among the signatories to Somali central State formation conference put blame on Somali minister for Interior Affairs, Abdirahman Odawa. Somali government however tried to incorporate Ahlu-Sunna in the Adado state formation conference with no avail.

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