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Over 30 Al-shabaab Militants Killed by Regional Forces in Mudug

Storyline:National News, Security

GOOBJOOG NEWS | DHUUSAMAREEB: Over 30 Al-shabaab militants were killed and others captured among them their leader and his deputy at Haradheere district in Mudug district, Galmudug state in an operation by regional, officials said.

According to Haradheere district commander Mohamed Yusus, during the operation, which targeted an Al-shabaab stronghold at Baraag-gurgurrte village, the forces also captured an assortment of military equipment and vehicles.

“We have inflicted heavy losses on the enemy and liberated the area from their control. We have killed 33 of them and captured their leader and his deputy. We have also seized their weapons and vehicles,” Yusuf said.

He added that the operation was planned after the regional forces received information about an imminent attack by the militants, who were overpowered by the regional forces during the operation.

The District Commander said the operation is ongoing in other areas and that the Gorgor forces present in parts of Southern Mudug region have joined in the operation.