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Over forty killed Somalia-Ethiopia border

Storyline:National News

42 people mostly women and children have been killed by Ethiopia’s paramilitary forces in a village called Jama’a Dubad, which is located 220 kilometers (136 miles) away from Bura’o town in the breakaway Somaliland.

A resident of the raided village, who identified himself as Mohamed Saeed has told that those killed unarmed civilians who remained in the villages after the majority of residents fled the village.

The incident occurred after hundreds of Liyu police raided the village different points.

According to sources, the forces started shooting the residents of the village indiscriminately.

Several houses in the village were burnt down and the residents were forced to flee their houses.

Governments of Somalia, Ethiopia and the administration of Somaliland have yet to comment on the issue.

The paramilitary forces have also been accused of often crossing into Somalia and committing crimes in border villages.