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Parliament speaker hails Somali workers on World Labour Day

Storyline:National News

The speaker of Somali federal parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman extended his fraternal greetings and solidarity to all working men and women of Somalia on the occasion of International Labour Day, 1st May 2015.

“I wish all the workers around the world somalia’s workers prosperity,” said Osman.

Osman termed Somalia’s civil servants in the public and private sectors as the driving engine and the backbone behind the nation’s development agenda and public’s future progression prospect.

“Somali Workers and their trade unions still need to mobilise on 1st May and beyond to confront the many challenges they still face and increase the tempo of the struggle for a just and equitable Somali society,” said Osman.

All over the world, workers come together on this day to demonstrate their solidarity as workers and their support for labour rights which are human rights.