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Parliament to Vote for the Cabinet

Storyline:National News

Somalia Federal Parliament will today hold a session to vote the newly appointed council of ministers by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali.

The parliament has granted the PM 14 days extension to complete the formation of his cabinet on 31st January, which he did on 5th February.

Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke has released the list of his cabinets containing the 25 ministers and one deputy Prime Ministers, 26 assistant ministers and 14 state ministers on 5th February 2015.

On December 24, 2014: At least 218 lawmakers voted in favor of Sharmarke, after winning the confidence vote, Sharmarke was sworn in before the assembly and in the presence of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

Prime Minister Sharma’arke has currently facing political challenges within the parliament as his first cabinet formed on January 12th failed to obtain the Vote of the Confidence which forced him to dissolve on January 17th and form current cabinet on 5th February 2015.

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