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Peaceful demonstrations due to initiate in Jowhar

Storyline:National News

The administration of middle Shabelle region are arranging peaceful demonstrations to support the outcome of IGAD extra-ordinary session held in Mogadishu,the capital city of Somlia on Saturday .
Mohamed Siyad Abdirahman deputy governor of social affairs of Middle Shabelle administration speaking to state owned radio confirmed that preparations to hold peaceful protest in Jowhar are underway.
He underlined that the demonstrations would soon kick off in Jowhar the headquarter of Middle Shabelle region.
Mr. Siyad commended the achievements of the federal government that enabled holding of such important meeting in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu for over two and half decades.
IGAD one day ministerial summit concluded in Mogadishu on Saturday issued communiqué comprising of more than twenty points.
Somalia’s top leaders and the civil Society welcomed the summit and described the holding of the meeting as signs of stability and restoration nation’s dignity.