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People with disabilities in Garbaharey are calling for an emergency assistance

Storyline:National News

Disabled people in the Garbaharey district, Gedo region are experiencing Malnutrition in their camps and they are calling for immediate assistance.

The people in Garbaharey camps mostly who have disabilities are in need of emergency services such as good shelter, food, water, health and education.

Adan Abdillahi Adan, a spokesperson for the camps, told Goobjoog News that “more than 130 people with disabilities are living in the camps with both men and women in Garbaharey town.”

Adan also added that the people are calling for an immediate response from the administration in the region and the federal government of Somalia.

People with disabilities in Somalia are excluded, neglected and abused at every level.

The Somali Federal Government must now act to show its commitment to ensuring the human rights of all people without discrimination.

Goobjoog News