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Performance Report on Parliament’s Fifth Session

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BaarlamaankaThe fifth session of Somali Federal Parliament was concluded on 11th February 1015 after five months of working, this session commenced on 20th September 2014.

Though the parliament went through upheavals and the general public perception which the parliament has done nothing other than engaging dirty political squabbles between the PM and the president, we found out in this report that the parliament made substantial achievement.

Goobjoog has compiled this performance report sourcing our records and also incorporating the house’s own report on the Fifth session.

On this report readers and observers can gauge the parliament performance amid wide spread disapproval against the parliament.

So far the house has passed into law 8 bills and 7 other important bills are in process, among the bills passes is the electoral commission bill which is necessary for vision 2016.

The house has conducted 21 supervision tours on the ministries and national key points, and held meetings with the ministers; this is in line with its duty of supervising the executive branch of the government.

There were at least five motions brought in to the parliament, this includes the no confidence vote against the former PM Abdiwali Sheik Mohamed.

7 new members joined the parliament; they replaced former MPs who were either killed, died or help other government positions which automatically nullify them as MPs.

The parliament’s 15 portfolio committees held 205 meetings with the combined time of 718 working hours.

Also the parliament has undertaken 13 overseas official trips and received 21 foreign delegations in Somalia.

During PM Abdiwali’s tenure the parliament and cabinet had agreed on a list of priority bills to be passed by the parliament, this was to accelerate the achievement goals of 2016, but was never materialized due to the political instability that galvanized the country.

Priority Bills agreed between Former PM and Parliament

  1. Approving the 2013 budget
  2. Approving The Proposed Boundaries and Federalism Commission Bill
  3. Approving Members of Boundaries and Federalism Commission
  4. Approving The Proposed Independent electoral commission Bill
  5. Approving The Members of Independent Electoral Commission
  6. Approving The Proposed Anti Terrorism Bill
  7. Approving the 2015 budget
  8. Approving The Proposed Independent human rights commission bill
  9. Approving Members of Independent human rights commission
  10. Approving The Proposed political parties and establishing political party oversight office
  11. Approving The Proposed establishing Constitutional Court Bill
  12. Approving Members of Constitutional Court
  13. Approving Members of Judicial Service Commission
  14. Approving The Proposed Foreign Investment Bill
  15. Approving The Proposed Arms Control Bill
  16. Approving The Proposed Media Bill
  17. Approving The Proposed Telecommunication Bill
  18. Approving The Proposed Audit Bill
  19. Approving The Proposed Private Education Bill
  20. Approving The Proposed National Procurement Bill
  21. Approving The Proposed Civil Aviation Bill
  22. Approving The Proposed Anti Corruption Independent Commission Bill
  23. Approving Members of Anti Corruption Independent Commission

Unfortunately, some of these were never materialized due to the political turmoil that the country went through, but the parliament managed to implement some of the most important tasks.

Approved Bills By The Parliament within the Fifth Session

  1. Fisheries Bill
  2. Closing Accounts for 2013 Budget
  3. 2015 budget
  4. Military cooperation pact entered between Somalia and Italy
  5. United Nation’s Child Protection Bill
  6. Boundaries and Federalism Commission Bill
  7. Auditor General Bill
  8. The Independent Electoral Commission Bill

Bills in the First Reading

  1. Proposed Civil Aviation Bill
  2. Proposed Anti Terror Bill
  3. Proposed Arms Control
  4. Proposed National Truth and Reconciliation Commission Bill

Bills in the Second Reading

  1. Proposed Constitutional Court Bill
  2. Proposed Telecommunication Bill
  3. Proposed National Procurement Bill

Bills that the Cabinet recalled for review

  1. Proposed Business Licensing Bill
  2. Proposed Foreign Investment Bill
  3. Proposed Trademark Bill

MPs Constituency Visits

According to parliamentary law, MPs should visit their constituency for 15 days while they are on leave and report back to the parliament after consultation with the people.

During the fourth session leave there were 50 MPs who visited their constituency and reported back to the parliament, this makes up of 18% total number of MPs.

But still it’s a significant number and an increase of 300% given the previous case, in the second session there were only 18 MPs (6.5%) and Third Session there were only 32 (11%) MPs who managed to visit their localities.

The increase came after the government with African Peace Keeping Forces recovered many areas from Alshabab.

The parliament has also conducted 21 supervision tours on ministries and other social services centers.

It also listened 10 reports compiled by MPs and other state organs.


There were at least five motions tabled in the parliament, not all of them were publically motivated as some may think. They include the following

  1. 20th September 2014 : Motion regarding irregularities in biding of Al-Beyrak Turkish Company that was contracted to manage Mogadishu Port
  2. 2nd December, 2014 : Motion of no confidence vote against Former PM Abdiwali Sheik Ahmed
  3. 21st January, 2015 : Motion to Strengthen the presidential degree that makes compulsory of all government offices to Use Somali Language as medium for instruction
  4. 29th January, 2015 : Motion to vote for cabinet on 31st January, 2015

New MPs in the Parliament

According to the parliamentary rule, when an MP vacates his seat, it should be replaced with another, so there are 6 new members who replaced MPs who were murdered, died or appointed to other government position. They include the following

  1. Mohamed Duale Muse replaced MP Sado Ali Warsame who was killed in Mogadishu.
  2. Yusuf Mohamed Ali replaced MP Prof. Ali Khalif Galeyr who was elected as the president of Khatumo State
  3. Saed Mohamed Mohamud replaced MP Mohamed Mohamug Heyd who was killed in Mogadishu
  4. Muktar Moalim Hassan replaced MP Sheik Adan Mohamed Mader who was also murdered in Mogadishu
  5. Abdulkadir Sharif Hassan Sheik Adan replaced MP Sharif Hassan Sheik Adan who was elected as the president of South West State of Somalia
  6. Abdiwali Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade replaced MP Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade who died in Mogadishu of natural cause.

Performance of Parliament Portfolio Committees

Parliament has 15 portfolio committees and this is where the real work of the parliament falls under.

In total the committees held 205 meetings with a combined 718 working hours. The committee with most tasks is the Finance, Planning and Regulation which held a record 38 meetings.

Parliament and International Relations

Parliament has a good standing diplomatic relationship with partner legislative institutions around the world. This is a very important task to advance of the overall international relations of Somalia.

So the parliament has conducted 13 overseas official trips to France, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt. Some 117 MPs and 30 parliament staff took part in these trips of learning and other official duties.

The parliament has also received in Somalia 21 international delegation to Somalia, 11 of which are ambassadors and envoys to Somalia.

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