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Plans to evacuate Somalis from Yemen are underway says Somali foreign minister

Storyline:National News

Somali minister for foreign affairs Abdisalan Hadliye has for the time talked about the Somali refugees in Yemen since Goobjoog News launched “Gurmad and Gargaar” a campaign which is intended to help Somalis maintain constant communication with stranded refugees in Yemen and monitor their situation.
The minister has welcomed “Gurmad and Gargaar” campaigned spearheaded by Goobjoog News and the ongoing initiatives to encourage Somali people to give supportive hand to their brotherly Somalis in Kenya and Yemen.
Speaking the number of Somalis in Yemen he said “UNHCR registered about 238,000 but the number can reached up to 250000, or 500000 Somalis because they those who did not registered with UNHCR therefore there is no exact figure registered.
The minister shading light on promises made by Somali government to dispatch ships and planes for the evacuation of Somalis caught in Yemen’s conflict he said that he has no information of any ship being sent evacuate Somalis in Yemen.
“I think plans to evacuate Somalis from Yemen are underway but i heard no vessel sent to evacuate those people” he said.
It was on 27th April when Director of the Parliament Mohamed Iyow told Goobjoog that the parliament has approved to send two ships to evacuate Somalis in Yemen.

While other foreign nationals have been evacuated from the impoverished gulf nation, the federal government has not yet moved to evacuate its citizens despite announcing plans to bring back them home.
Since 1st April, 2423 of Somali refugees started to return home by themselves with small boats. They accused the government of ‘’failing’’ to intervene the situation of the trapped citizens.
Life went from bad to worse for the Somalis living in Yemen after the federal government revealed that it is supporting the on-going Saudi-led military offensive against the Houthi rebels who are fighting to take over internationally recognized government.