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PM Abdiwali “The Motion Is Pushed From the Presidency and Marred By Corruption “

Storyline:National News

Cabdiwali Sheekh AxmedPrime Minister Abdiwali Sheik Ahmed spoke for the first time since MPs proposed a no-confidence motion against him, he claims that the motion is pushed from the presidency and marred by corruption.

He said the motion is not about the work of the cabinet but is about protecting a friend of the president who got replaced from his docket to other.

PM also gave reasons to why he has opted to make the reshuffle on 25th October, 2014. He said he was trying to solve a spat between the judiciary and the justice ministry, and also solve complained he received from two ministries, Finance and Foreign Affairs.

“It’s unfortunate that the president refused to accept the reshuffle and gave orders to the concerned ministers not to honor my redeployment, this is a direct violation to the constitution which dictates the separation of powers. Article No. 100 of the constitution gives me the power to fire and hire ministers and do reshuffle if necessary” He said.

Mr. Abdiwali called for political dialogue and said that he is ready to end the political deadlock in every possible way. But he warned that he will only do things according to the constitution.

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