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PM Abdiweli: neibouring countries need to be vigilant and foil the planned plots of Al-shabab.

Storyline:National News

The Prime minister of federal government of Somalia Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed holding press conference in his office spoke about the takeover of Barawe district by government forces together African Union peace-keeping troops.

The PM stated that the government is in full control of the town adding that the residents cordially welcomed the forces in Barawe.

He urged the public especially the business people, well-wishers and aid agencies to back the federal government’s efforts to send emergency relief to the people in the captured areas especially Barawe.

“ it is necessary for the government and the people to collaborate so as to support the desperate people” Prime minister Abdiweli said.

The Prime praised the joint forces’ efforts to capture and destroy the bases of Al-shabab in the country and once more urged Al-shabab members to take advantage of government amnesty before it runs out.

Finally the Prime urged the neibouring countries to be vigilant and foil the planned plots of Al-shabab.

The joint forces have captured the town on Sunday without resistance from Al-shabab.