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PM Abdiweli: The discord between the top leaders will be resolved through dialogue

Storyline:National News

The Prime minister of federal government of Somalia Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed speaking to South African TV said the rift between him and Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will be resolved through dialogue.

” I don’t think its big crisis, it is just a difference of views that can be resolved through dialogue” PM underlined.

PM Abdiweli said he has taken meetings with president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at Adan Adde international airport before he departed to UAE and discussed the best ways of resolving the discord hoping that the next few days there will be a progress on the issue.

“ I meet the president regularly, yesterday I escorted him to the airport, we have communications and discuss how we resolve the differences, so I hope the next few days there will a progress on this and we move on” PM Abdiweli said.

On the other hand Somali PM underlined that the security of the country especially Mogadishu has significantly improved following intensive operations against Al-shabab, he added that the government forces together with AfricanUnion troops have captured many towns including Barawe, the headquarters of Al-shabab which was taken over before two weeks.

Prime minister Abdiweli also noted the number of Al-shabab member defecting to the government side has been increasing since the federal government has offered amnesty to the brain washed members.

“ A number of Al-shabab members defected to the federal government, so there number is decreasing drastically, they will no longer be able to mobilize, to train soldiers because there financial system has broken down” PM said.

“ in Mogadishu there has been less security accidents, less attacks, less explosions, less suicide bombings in the past few months” PM Abdiweli added.

The remarks of Somali Prime Minister comes a time when the political in-fighting  between the top leaders that started after the minor reshuffle of Somali cabinet has reached its highest level, This statements is expected to answer many questions  people expressed that  the difference might cause total failure of the government.