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PM Khaire dismisses calls for foreign help in political row

Storyline:National News

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire has rejected calls by federal state leaders to involve the international community in mediating the dispute between the two levels of government.

Khaire said Somalia had the capacity and authority to resolve its own issues without the involvement of the international community.

“Somalia now has the capacity and authority to solve disagreements in our country. We don’t need the international community to intervene in our problems,” the PM said.

The PM’s statements come amid calls by the federal state leaders to involve the international community in finding a solution to the political row with the federal government that has seen the regions severe working relationship with Mogadishu.

The leaders had also raised concerns about holding the National Security Council meeting in Mogadishu over security concerns, an issue the PM also poured cold water on.

“We are very pleased that the capital Mogadishu is safe to hold any meeting and that the capital will always stand as the national symbol.”

President Farmaajo had convened the National Security Council slated for today and tomorrow but the regional leaders said they would not be attending.

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