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PM Khaire meets Oversight Committee following constitutional review dispute

Storyline:National News
Prime Minister Hassan Khaire held talks Sunday with the Oversight Committee following row over the procedure of review process. File Photo: Goobjoog News

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire held talks with the parliamentary constitutional Oversight Committee Sunday following the fall out over the cancelled Constitutional Convention slated for today.

The Oversight Committee chairperson Abdi Qebydiid said the two parties agreed to deal with the disputes with the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and develop a common framework on the review process.

A constitutional conference convened by the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs failed to take place today after both the Oversight Committee and the Review and Implementation Commission dismissed it as a violation of the law. The two bodies accused the ministry of unilateral decisions in dealing with the review process.

Regional states also kept away from the conference forcing the ministry to cancel it. The meeting is the second following the September 23 one bringing together President Mohamed Farmaajo, Federal Parliament leaders and leaders of the two review bodies. However it emerged yesterday there was no agreement on the way forward.

The Prime Minister called for cooperation and inclusion towards the finalization of the review process which is slated for 2018.