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PM Khaire rallies Somalis to voice their views on Constitution

Storyline:National News

This will give the citizens power to choose their own leaders; power in their hands

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire appealed to Somalis to actively take part in the constitutional review process. Photo: courtesy

PRIME MINISTER Hassan Khaire has called on Somalis to actively take part in the constitutional review process noting the completion of the exercise was instrumental in handing power to the citizenry to decide their destiny.

Speaking during the launch of the National Constitutional Convention in Mogadishu, the PM said the journey towards the completion of the review process has been long running characterized by push and pull but noted the process was nearing its end.

“We came here after a long running tug of war. Many things remain addressed but the most important one now is the constitutional review process, the Prime Minister told hundreds of Somalis drawn from various sectors including representatives from the international community.

We must complete this process to pave the way for one person one vote in 2020, the PM said. “This will give the citizens the power to choose their own leaders; power in their hands.”

The three days conferences which brings together about 300 participants will provide a forum for participants to air their views on various sections of the Provisional Constitution especially on the contentious articles.

Khaire singled out power sharing between the levels of government, resources sharing, governance structures and design of the judiciary as some of the outstanding issues which call for in-depth consultation.


Speaking during the same function, Amisom head Francisco Madeira termed the event historic noting it was in tandem with the aspirations of the founders of the African Union.

“Today’s historic event resonates well with the Constitutive Act of the African Union that expresses the AU’s determination to promote and protect human and people’s rights, consolidate democratic institutions and culture and ensure good governance and the rule of law,” Madeira said.

The Amisom chief added that the forum was crucial in providing a platform for Somalis to express their views on the supreme law before it is put to a vote through a referendum.

“This is happening in accordance to an already approved Somalia’s political roadmap and in a timely manner to address key lingering issues in a wide consultative engagement whose outcome must aim at facilitating a fair an inclusive process in Somalia.”

Distribution of powers and responsibilities between national and sub-national authorities, resources and revenue sharing remain unresolved and are expected to form the core of the consultations. Others include power sharing between the President and Prime Minister, citizenship and the status of Mogadishu.