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PM Khaire visits youth released from Ethiopian jails, pledges government support

Storyline:National News
Prime Minister Hassan Khaire interacting with the youth in Mogadishu where he visited them two days after they arrived in the country from jails in Ethiopia. Photo: Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire escorted by some MPs and the Somali Ambassador to Ethiopia visited Sunday the 114 Somali prisoners released from Jigjiga jails in Ethiopia who arrived in the country Saturday.

PM Khaire expressed his delight to see the youth and shared their happiness with them after reuniting with their families. The Premier pointed out there are other Somali youth who are still languishing in foreign prisons and the need for engagement to bring them back to their motherland.

There was an emotional distress on the face of the Premier towards the youth that are supposed to be the future leaders of the country but are suffering in jails.

“I feel sorry about the problems affecting the Somali youth after the collapse of the central government [in 1991] which made the youth to disperse to foreign countries where they face problems. Some are in prisons where no one knows of their circumstances but Somali government will work on getting them back to restore a good future for the youth” said PM Khaire.

The youth were released following talks by PM Khaire with his Ethiopian counterpart Hailemariam Desalegn in the sidelines of the AU summit in Addis Ababa early this month. The Prime Minister said the government will support the youth to find earn a living and integrate into the society.

Some of the prisoners who spoke expressed joy and admitted that Somalis can reach their interest through unity. They requested to be provided with education and work opportunities since some of them are educated.

In the same juncture, some of the families and relatives of the prisoners expressed their gratitude to the government and other stakeholders who played a role in the emancipation of the children.