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PM kheire appoints a committee for the protection and recovery of gov’t land

Storyline:National News

Prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire has today appointed 11 members committee for the protection and recovery of the national property.

In a press statement released from the office of the PM said that in accordance with article 99 and Article 100 of the Constitution of the federal government and also in accordance with the orders and recommendations the president of the FGS already gave out to save the national property owned by the Somali federal government before 1991.

“I have appointed a committee for the protection and recovery of the national property,” stated the statement

The statements read that the rescue should start in the needy places as soon as possible to implement social services or government needs to work, but if it has a possible effect public representatives are alternatives available.

Therefore the statements call all government ministries, institutions and non-constitutional offices that all present, the sale of state land, transferring government vehicles and rent of government lands are all banned.

“All agreements of government properties should be presented to the public prosecutor and then approved by the cabinet as set out in the Prime Minister Lr 047.” adds the statement.

The statement empowers the committee to assume all the properties of the ministries, subordinate agencies and independent constitutional bodies.

The committee should also Submit information and the return of land and government vehicles that are illegally used by private individuals.

The committee should also deliver a report to the editor of the prime minister in a timely manner.

The committee named by the prime minister includes eight ministers, the mayor of Mogadishu, the Auditor General and the Attorney general of the federal government of Somalia.

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