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PM Sharma’arke meets with AU envoy to Somalia

Storyline:National News

The prime minister of federal government of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali today took meeting with African Union envoy to Somalia Manaman Sidoku and officials from AMISOM at his office in Mogadishu.

Prime minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Applauded African Union for their support and bravery and their solidarity to back federal government weed out Al-Shabab and stablize the country.

On his side the special representative promised that they would continue their support till Somalia stands on its feet and take full control of the administration of the country.

The two leaders discussed wide range issues includes the relationship and the collaborations between the office of prime minister federal government of Somalia and AMISOM.

The premier underlined the necessity of well trained and equipped police forces that are capable to take over responsibility AMISOM troops.

Prime minister Omar Abdirashid stated that they commiserate with the families and the loved ones of those who lost their lives and their sacrifices will be etched in Somalia’s history.

He added that the federal government of Somalia and AMISOM troops would continue their straggle until the mission 2016 is fulfilled.

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