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Poetess Naima Qorane released 3 weeks into 3 year jail term

Storyline:National News
File: Poetess and activist Naima Qorane was Monday released after three weeks behind bars. Photo: Dalsoor

Authorities in Somaliland Monday released activist and poetess Naima Qorane barely three weeks into a three year jail term.

Naima confirmed her release to Goobjoog News but said she could not give details regarding her release. “Yes I was released today but I do not want to talk to the media now,” Naima said. Her father, Ahmed Qorane, also a well-known poet met Somaliland President Muse Bihi Saturday and is reported to have appealed for his daughter’s release.

In March 4, the Attorney General in Somaliland charged Naema of two counts-Antinational Activity of a citizen abroad (article 212 of the Penal Code) and Bringing the Nation or the State into Contempt (article 219(2) of the Penal Code).

As stated in the charge sheet dated on 4th March, the first charge relates to a Facebook post allegedly written by Naema in her Facebook account. The prosecution says the post “weakens the existence, unity, and solidarity of the State.”

The second charge is about “insult and defamation against the state circulated in the media,” by Naema, the charge sheet says. The court passed its verdict April 15 sending Naima behind bars for three years.

Another activist, Mohamed Kayse Mohamoud , an author was sentenced to nine months April 16 for what the prosecution said was his Facebook post which referred to President Bihi as ‘local’.