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Police arrests several people for deadly Baidoa attacks

Storyline:National News

Several people  believed to be behind the restaurant attacks in Baiidoa that left 30 civilians dead have been arrested on Monday.

The suspects, who were arrested in Baidoa Town on Monday after thorough security operations, are also believed to be a member of Al-Shabaab group according Baidoa administration.

The governor of Baidoa town, Abdullahi Ali Watin  said the administration arrested the organizers of the deadly attack and will be arraigned in court.

“The 6-7 men are in the hands of the south west security forces,” said Watin.

A source within the police who took part in arresting the suspects told Goobjoog News that  former SNA soldiers who defected to Al-Shabaab is among the suspects detained by the police who have been convicted of carrying the suicide attacks in Baidoa.

Al-Shabaab militants have claimed responsibility for the attack, according to a statement broadcast by Radio Andulus, a broadcaster allied to the group.

Al-Shabaab often carries out such suicide attacks in the capital and elsewhere in its bid to topple Somalia’s Western- backed government. The group wants to impose its strict version of Islamic rule in the Horn of Africa nation.

The targeted city is located about 245 kilometers (152 miles) northwest of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.