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Police conduct operation on drug dealers and growers

Storyline:National News

Security forces have conducted a large-scale operation against drug dealers and bhang growers in Jowhar town.

Around 200 forces took part in the operation, in the early hours of thurday to counter the return of drug lords to the town.

Detainees within the framework of the operation are reported, their number is not specified.

Jowhar police commander, Mohamed Siyad Ali Cali has told Goobjoog News that the operation was intended to pursue drug dealers.

“It’s our responsibility to secure this district, so we had to launch this operation to arrest these people who sell drugs and those who also do substance abuse, in the operation we also managed to put behind bars muggers who use machetes to rob residents during the dark hours to the extent people were unable to the mosques for morning prayers, suspects would be taken to court” said the police commissioner.

Now the police have started to divert their attention to petty crimes like muggers and thieves as courts are struggling to contain domestic cases, something new to Somalia’s war ravaged country.